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Osaka Bay Mining is focused on mining rare earth metals that are essential to many of today’s products and industries.

Osaka Bay Mining

Osaka Bay Mining employs a range of advanced, innovative technology in exploring, analyzing and extracting rare earth minerals from these locations, including remote controlled submarines and aquatic robots.  This enables us to reach depths and access locations which are inaccessible using traditional mining techniques.

Osaka Bay Mining’s exploration and development terrain is focused on the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea, and the wider Pacific Ocean within 200km of the coastline of Japan.  With the expertise of our Oceanographers, we have mapped significant areas of the waters to the south and west of Japan and Osaka Bay Mining’s geologists are currently sampling over 200 locations.

It is estimated that the ocean floor beneath the waters of the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea, and the wider Pacific Ocean contains more than 80 billion tons of rare earth metals.  The precious resources can be contained in the rocks, however large quantities are present in the sediment that settles between the water and rock at the bottom of the sea, which makes it easier to explore, develop and exploit.

Osaka Bay Mining’s mining operations include the Okinawa Trough, to the north-west of Okinawa Island, in addition to locations near the Kiisuido Strait, Harima-nada Sea, and Osaka Bay, which are south and west of the City of Osaka.  Both regions are highly active tectonic and volcanic environments which feature rare earth metal producing hydrothermal vents.  Initial surveys conducted by Osaka Bay Mining geologists have revealed these regions to have high concentrations of rare earth metals.

Osaka Bay Mining has conducted detailed feasibility studies in order to assess the economic viability for development and mining, as well as gaining a deep understanding of the logistical, operational and environment implications of developing large-scale mining operations.  Whilst there are as many challenges in mining these resources as there are in exploring them, we have assembled a range of technologies and are testing solutions to increase the efficiency and lessen the environmental implications of our operations.

Osaka Bay Mining’s team uses the innovative deep sea exploration techniques, and employs advanced remote controlled submarines and aquatic robots.  Through our combination of cutting edge technology and techniques, and our wealth of industry experience, Osaka Bay Mining aims to develop a productive mining operation within 6 months of concluding the exploration and feasibility analysis.


Osaka Bay Mining understands our responsibilities to operate in a way that brings the greatest benefit to the communities where we work and to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. Our company and our management take our obligations to corporate social responsibility highly, and we believe in finding ways to balance these responsibilities with the economic, business and operational necessities that make us successful.

At Osaka Bay Mining, it is our belief that corporate social responsibility is indispensable to successful management of the opportunities and challenges of a dynamic industry such as rare earth metals.  We have committed a significant amount of human and financial capital to achieve a business model that is socially and environmentally sustainable.  This encompasses our corporate ethos, processes, practices and the crystal clear policies which we believe are required to attain high levels of sustainability.

Osaka Bay Mining is dedicated ensuring our operations are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.  We believe that our responsibility to excellence in social and environmental management is not only important, but it is essential to the success of our business.

Osaka Bay Mining is continually seeking methods to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing consumption of resources, improving energy efficiency, recycling at every opportunity, minimizing waste, reducing our carbon footprint, guarding biodiversity, ensuring the highest levels of safety, and maintaining the highest levels of transparency with partners and stakeholders, such as governmental and non-governmental bodies, our employees and the communities within which we work.

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