Osaka Bay Mining has a highly experienced team of industry leading expertise in geology, oceanography, exploration and mining operations.

Koji Nakanishi

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Nakanishi’s background in variety industries in both in Japan and throughout the Asia-Pacific region are essential foundations to our success. From production engineer at Mitsubishi in the early 1990’s, he has held numerous positions including operations manager for Rio Tinto in Australia and Director of Operations in the offshore oil and gas industry in the South China Sea.

Mr. Nakanishi’s wealth of experience in operational management both within the primary resources industry and within sectors such as electronics, optical lens and battery manufacturing provide the ideal combination to lead our firm.
Mr. Nakanishi is a native of Kobe and has a Master’s degree in Physics from Kobe University.

Clive Sanderson

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Sanderson has more than 20 years of experience as a Management Accountant having worked in numerous roles since he graduated from London School of Economics in the 1990’s. He has held management positions in finance, accounting and business management within several publicly traded companies in Japan, UK and the USA. Mr. Sanderson was born in Singapore and was educated in the UK and has a MBA from The University of Warwick.

Aya Sasamoto

Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Sasamoto is an oceanographer specializing in marine environments. Mrs. Sasamoto has particular expertise in deep water mining throughout her 15 year career, including 7 years at Nippon Oil. Ms. Sasamoto has a degree in Marine Biology from Hiroshima University.

Douglas McMahon

Chief Geologist

Mr. McMahon has in excess of 30 years’ experience as a geologist for the mining and oil exploration industries. Mr. McMahon has been involved in a variety projects throughout the USA, Canada, Brazil, the North Sea and the South China Sea. Mr. McMahon holds a B.Sc. in Geology from University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.